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October 2007

Monday, 22 October 2007

How to stop animated gifs.

Here is my top tip for today. When I have to study the contents of a page, moving images can be really distracting. Stop animated gifs and pngs by pressing the escape (ESC) button. This works both in IE and...

How to update Sitelinks

Google Webmaster Central has introduced a new feature enabling us to manage which URLs are used as sitelinks. Currently you can only exclude URLs, but at least it is a start of some control over this great feature. The new...

Friday, 19 October 2007

Google and Buying/Selling Links

This is obviously against Google’s guidelines and they will more than likely penalise you if they find out you are buying/selling text links. Google say they have an algorithm for detecting sites selling/buying backlinks and adjust there rankings respectively and...

Chinese Giant Baidu "hi-jacks" users from Google MSN and Yahoo?

Techcrunch is reporting that Chinese ISP "China Netcom" is redirecting all traffic from Google , MSN and Yahoo Blog searching to the Chinese giant Baidu. China's internet is all filtered through the "Great Firewall of China", it blocks its users...

Google - Country Specific Ranking on "the web" Search.

Not too long ago the general web search even on country specific domain names would display broad results with all sorts of country specific sites listed. Nowadays though the serps are different, doing a search for "washing machine" at

Monday, 08 October 2007

Google Current 5 minute search flash

Google Current is a short TV program that airs every half hour on Current TV and is guided by the searches that you make! Recently showing was "rear of the year" after the winners of the annual quest for best...
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