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May 17 2010 5:01 PM

The Great Content Marketing Experiment - Live Blog


Thursday 13:31 BST

Now that the dust has settled I can report back on the whole experiment… The final count, including pdf and video views, was 570 downloads - and while I’m a little disappointed we didn’t make 1,000, I’m still delighted that the experiment worked by proving clearly how content can spread if it is interesting.

570 people voluntarily accessed a piece of information - a fact that one member of my audience put into context by saying that it would cost thousands of media dollars to achieve the same effect by interruptive advertising.

The presentations at the conference yesterday were fascinating - made all the more lively by the fact that we were trying to demonstrate the power of content marketing live while the session was going on.

I will publish a document soon that recounts how the whole thing worked, and maybe create a graph of traffic over time, showing the effects of key retweets, blogs etc as far as it is possible with the analytics data to hand.

In short though, we also had 443 visits to the live blog [here], as well as 3 retweets

So we didn’t get the 1,000 clicks but - if an experiment is judged by whether it demonstrates a point, I think it was a resounding success and I thank you all for helping make it work!

So what should we do as a follow-up? If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears!

Thanks again


15:34 BST


Another video has been added to the IDM YouTube channel, an interview with Joel Harrison of B2B Marketing Magazine talking about his views on the opportunities and threats of Social Media.

Larry Kuntz, re your question: I will check with John who produced the document and let you know as soon as he’s finished presenting!

15:00 BST

Session 2 starts, and we are now at 364 downloads. The highlight of session one was a question from the floor: wouldn’t we get more downloads if dressed up in a pink rabbit suit and was videod pleading for them? Frivolous maybe, but a little bit of drama is never a bad thing with this kind of campaign…

We have been asked how this can be an experiment when we have spent some of our time asking people to tweet about it. Well that’s the real challenge with any Social Media campaign: you have to start by seeding them. We have generated going on 200 tweets so far. We have probably contacted 20 people.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the white paper: Opportunities & Threats - the future of Social Media as viewed by senior marketers, then click here.

14:15 BST

Session one of two starts, and we are at 334 downloads. shows us how research shows that Social Media is more influential for the under 30’s than the over 30’s.

We’ve also just uploaded our first video interview to YouTube - Opportunities & Threats, video stylee!

If you haven’t done so yet, please click here to download the paper.

12:30 BST

Very interesting presentation from David Chalmers of Cisco, especially highlighting the power of Twitter, which they use extremely well as a messaging and recruitment tool for events, and also the importance of influencers. Here he gave an interesting example which I find runs very true: you may find your influencers on-line, but the best way to engage them is still off-line, in the pub, with beer!

One point I wasn’t 100% on was regarding Facebook. David said he still regarded Facebook as a ‘personal’ network and not relevant, but that recent conversations with them suggested that they are going to change this. It’s true that Facebook doesn’t work for all businesses, but this is changing of its own accord.

Anyway, back to the experiment. We’re now up to 245 downloads, so a big increase over the last hour and a quarter. The US is waking up (thank you friends from across the pond), and some selective messaging of influencers is proving fruitful. Still, we’re hoping for a bigger boos during the experiment itself. One more update before it, though.

If you haven’t done so yet, please download the Opportunities and Threats paper here.

11:15 BST

It’s coffee time at the IDM B2B Conference, followed by a much anticipated session on ‘Riding the hype of Social Media for B2B marketing’ presented by David Chalmers of Cisco. We’re hoping to ride some of that hype ourselves as we build momentum:

- 60 tweets to date using hashtag #GCME
- Document being posted to slideshare
- Discussions on various LinkedIn groups
- Video interviews with some of those quoted in the Opportunities & Threats paper will shortly be posted to YouTube

153 downloads in total, so 34 in the last hour. A good build-up till the actual sessions, running from 2.00 - 2.30 pm and 2.45 - 3.15pm.

10:15 BST

The conference is under way and the word is already getting out on today’s experiment. We’re up to 119 downloads of the Opportunities & Threats paper. Thanks for all those already helping with the push. More to follow….

Wednesday 19th May, 06:43 BST

It’s a beautiful early morning in London, and the experiment starts here. On way to venue. Notice that the current download count of the Opportunities & Threats paper is already at 82, which is encouraging since we only really started at midnight. Lots more work today to get to 1,000 hits. If you haven’t read it yourself, take a look.

Monday 17th May, 17:10 BST

There are just 2 days to go. Wednesday 19th May is the date of the Great Content Marketing Experiment. I will be blogging live from the annual IDM B2B Marketing Conference on the 28th floor of the Millbank Tower in Central London.

Just to recap, the aim is to prove the viability of content marketing in a live experiment. We therefore not only have my colleague talking about the theory of content marketing in his presentation, but a larger team will be busy putting it all into practice by doing all we can to achieve 1,000 downloads of this document. Find out more about it and how it was created for the event here.

Look out for live updates on the day, and if you’re on Twitter, follow the hash tag #GCME.

Creative Lewisham 0
May 04 2010 2:13 PM

The Great Content Marketing Experiment

Can you prove that content marketing works?

More specifically, is it possible to create a piece of business content, from scratch in a day and use it to gain 1,000 clicks?

I don’t mean funny videos or viral games. We’re talking business content, and we have no ready-made Twitter following of millions. We’re trying to do it the hard way - and we’re trying to do it live in front of 150 senior marketers at the IDM B2B Marketing Conference on 19th May 2010.

Let me explain and, at the same time, let me invite you to get involved…