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The Great Content Marketing Experiment

May 04 2010 2:13 PM

The ConferenceThe IDM B2B Conference is a prestigious event in its7th year that attracts many leading senior UK marketers. It is a paidevent [and a reasonably expensive one at that], held in a very selectlocation somewhere in London, UK. This year, the theme is “Change IsGood”.The ChallengeI was asked to present a session oncontent marketing, and I originally offered to talk through “7 steps tobetter content marketing”- where I planned to cover topics such astips on creating good content, repurposing, distribution channels etc.But then I realised that the audience probably wanted to see it allworking in practice… This is not a technical audience. In fact, weare talking about some fairly sceptical people who have yet to fullyembrace the world of social media. So we decided instead to put contentmarketing theory to the test, and to show how social media marketing -if sensibly applied - can work on a business level.So we gave ourselves the task of actually creating our own content and doing it live on the day - and aiming for 1,000 clicks by the end of the day.The ContentFirst of all, asan example of how content marketing should work, we needed to createsome interesting content. And with over 100 senior marketers from bigbrands in attendance, it made sense to use their expertise. So I askedthem all a question: “What is the single biggest benefit of socialmedia to your brand, and what is the single biggest obstacle toachieving it.” It’s a question I always ask, and it’s one that alwaysprovokes an interesting answer. I am taking the responses and puttingthem into an e-book entitled “Threats & Opportunities: the Futureof Social Media as viewed by the UK’s most Senior Marketers.” This isthe content that I want to make available to the online marketingcommunity - proving the validity of content marketing. [below is what the cover will look like!]Can you help me get 1,000 downloads of this doc? Download it now!The ComplicationsWe’renot just creating written content. Because we would like to make thepoint about how important it is to use different formats for yourcontent, we will also be filming delegates and putting their answers onYouTube, Vimeo etc. On top of this, we will of course be tweetingenthusiastically about the event, with the aim of letting lots ofpeople know about the ebook and videos and - we hope - approaching ourtarget of 1,000 clicks.The CommunityBut, of course, themain point is to convince traditional marketers that content marketingcan work. We want them to see that putting honest, informativeinformation out onto the social networks is better than using them asbroadcast channels for sales messages. And we also want toshow them that creating good content is not about big budgets,professional polish and high production values - it’s about the content.This is where I need your help!Thisis why I would be deeply indebted to you if you would help spread themessage by linking to the content on theday [next Wednesday, 19th May]. The link is here. I will also be blogging from here on the day and will add other links to videos etc on the day.Withyour help - via Twitter, blogging or any social media route you think will help - we can get the 1,000 clicks we need, and also publicise howcontent marketing is a viable form of marketing [albeit, in this casebuoyed by the community that believes in it!]I really hope you will be able to join in and help convince the audience on the day that content marketing does work!I thank you all in advance and will report back after the event.

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