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A Campaign In A Day

June 23 2010 9:43 AM

There are a lot of people talking about content marketing these days - and so they should be. But amongst all the talk about how content marketing is perfect in principle for the modern business world, it’s nice to see some concrete examples.

That was one of the ideas behind the Great Content Marketing Experiment, conducted on 19th May this year in London. To put the principles of content marketing to the test by doing a campaign in a day. To create and distribute useful content and to measure its effect within a targeted audience.

The whole experiment has now been summarised in the document below. If you are considering using content marketing, it is a fascinating insight into how it can work in practice - albeit in a 24-hour period! Please feel free to download and distribute - if you find it useful content, that’s what it’s all about after all.

Download the full story here >> content_marketing_experiment.pdf

PS: And while I’m here, a big thanks to all those who helped make it happen - amongst others Jo King, Lindsay Davies, Mark Schaefer, Michele Linn, Jamie-Lee Wallace, Ardath Albee, Barry and all at #SMMo, Giff, Krupa, and the content marketing community in general.

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