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The B2B Social Media Landscape

January 06 2011 12:10 PM

[well, what did you expect?]    Gifford Morley-Fletcher    Mark Schaefer    Michele Linn    Jamie Lee Wallace    Stephanie Tilton    Christina Kerley    Joe Pulizzi    Chris Koch    Doug Kessler    Ardath Albee    Joel Harrison      Diana Huff     Dustin M. Pons     Beth Carroll    Felix Hemsley    Barry Furby    Sarah Mitchell    Paul Dunay    Jeffrey L Cohen    Kipp Bodnar    E3 B2B network    Michael Brenner    Meryl K Evans    Jeremy Victor    Allan Schoenberg    Michael Stelzner    Cindy King     Ian Brodie    John Caddell    Karima-Catherine    Reg Nordman     Glen Gow     Chris Brogan    Beth Harte    Laura Ramos    Chris Garett    Joe Zuccaro     Chad Horenfeldt    Justin Hitt    Brian Carroll    Adam Blitzer    Susan Fantle     Jim Logan    Scott Gillum    Anol Bhattacharya    Dave Jung    Mike Moran    Joan Damico    Mack Collier    Dave Barock     Aaron Dun     John Ellett    Joe Schubert    Rand Fishkin    Todd Miechiels    Tom Jacobs    Wayne Attwell    Scott Monty     Thomas Pisello    Howard J. Sewell    Mark Eardley    Dave Kahle    Tom Pick     Lee Odden    René Power    Pete Cashmore     Tony Karrer    Galen De Young    Hank Stroll    Adam Tinworth     Charles Besondy    JD RUCKER    Jason Falls    Jay Baer    Amber Naslund    Olivier Blanchard    Toby Bloomberg    Brian Clark     Kristi Hines    Adam Singer     Darren Rowse    Chris Pirillo Clearly, this is not a complete list. I have included blogs that I read because I can recommend them. If yours isn’t on here, please tell me about it - I can then include them next time I do something like this. And I don’t want to miss out on good blogging either!  Credit to Bobby Zamorski, Daniel Adams, Gifford Morley-Fletcher, Krupa Patel, Amish Mehta and many others for design skills, support and ideas in general.Thanks guys! 

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