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B2B content marketing infographic

June 15 2011 9:17 AM

Download infographic Following on from the publication of the Buyersphere Report last month, we have had a lot of interesting conversations with clients, and the same question keeps coming up: how can we keep pace with buyers’ demands for content? This is a big question, and there is no simple answer. But the Buyersphere Report helps us to take the first step towards finding a solution by showing how B2B buyers’ demands for content are growing.It shows us how they are using more web searches during the buying process. It shows how they are visiting supplier websites more often. It shows how the use of webinars has increased significantly over the last 12 months.And all of this is now illustrated - in a single, “bite-sized” infographic that you can download FREE here. It won’t give you the answers, but at least it will help you remember one of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers right now. And if it reminds you that Creative Lewisham are of course willing and able to help you meet that challenge, then that’s good too.Enjoy responsibly…Download infographic here.  

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