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Will 4G carry mobile to the forefront of brand engagement campaigns?

August 23 2013 9:15 AM

The uptake of devices using 4G – the fourth generation of mobile internet – has the potential to change people’s behaviour. 4G promises faster internet and data speeds and brings a more ‘desktop-like internet experience’ to mobile by alleviating the pains mobile users face with 3G such as unreliable and inconsistent speeds.

Businesses will benefit from a more connected workforce that is empowered with complete flexible working. Faster access and more secure data will path the way for improved productivity and the opportunity to deliver real-time responses. B2B marketers need to be aware that 4G will drive even greater customer expectations of access to information and services.

So could 4G be the force that really pushes mobile to the forefront of brand engagement campaigns? After all, it’s being touted to affect how we interact with technology on a daily basis. 4G users are predicted to spend twice as much time on the mobile internet as their non-4G counterparts. If this is the case it won’t be a surprise to see a higher average click through rates on mobile devices or better rates of video consumption.

Other developments, such as HTML 5 which brings HD displays, 3D technology and interactivity, will influence how mobile is treated when campaign planning begins. We’ll wait and see what impact 4G has, but what’s important is to think of brand engagement holistically and incorporate mobile into this thinking, rather than looking at it by medium, or taking the lead from technology.

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October 04 2013 10:58 AM

Really nice post Catherine. I think that 4G most definitely push the need for all campaigns to be mobile friendly. Already, marketers should be using an ‘inside out’ approach and what I mean by this is if a campaign delivers an engaging experience on mobile, you can guarantee that it will look even better (in most cases!) on desktop. Or, look to create a mobile version of the campaign that offers a slightly different experience but offers the same goal. I would also recommend offering an ‘Email me’ option against all downloads so users can send information to an email account of their choice. They are then able to take note of information at a time that may better suit them. Emails are also key for lead nurturing too (especially for Eloqua based clients), so encourage email capture when you can. In summary, my advice would be to start any campaign/communications with mobile in mind. Don’t wait to be asked to accommodate mobile devices from your client, it should be seen to be a compulsory part of any brief, 4G will make sure of that!

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October 04 2013 10:58 AM

Excellent points Catherine! I also agree with Tom on why campaigns should be created with mobile possibilities right from the start. Google recently enhanced their Adwords platform to give Search Marketers more options and flexibility on managing and optimising PPC campaigns for mobile devices. The search engine ‘giant’ is clearly sending strong signals on the way to go and I believe 4G will have a major role to play here.

October 04 2013 10:59 AM

Tom - I agree, the ‘inside out’ approach seems to be the best way to adapt our thinking for mobile.

Joseph - Really interesting to hear Google are gearing up for PPC on mobiles…I wonder to what extent 4G was a driver behind this move.

October 21 2024 2:27 PM