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The 2013 Buyersphere Report: the industry’s favourite exposé of B2B buyer behaviour

September 05 2013 2:50 PM

Since 2010, we have been aiming to find the motivations behind supplier choices and the behaviours that characterise the B2B buying process. We all know it can be a long and complex process affair: even smaller B2B purchases are subject to procedures and considerations that are alien to the world of consumer marketing. B2B buyers need more; whether it involves procuring consultancy services, telecoms contracts or manufacturing equipment, they demand higher levels of information, reassurance, social proof and support from their suppliers.

But this is to be expected: each buyer featured in this report is accountable to many others and needs to justify purchase decisions to superiors, shareholders and fellow staff. It is not their money, after all.

This is why the Buyersphere Report is unique. We asked direct questions of 500 seasoned B2B buyers in the UK, France and Germany and got some fascinating answers, all detailing what they actually did in preparing for a recent large business purchase (qualified as over £20,000).

Why did they start the process? What information did they seek? From whom? And in what format? Did they use social media? And – revealingly – what were the marketing traits of the successful suppliers that made them ultimately preferable to the also-rans?

The Buyersphere is not only essential reading for B2B marketers, it is a unique and fascinating journey into the minds of the people who hold the budgets. Whether it challenges your thinking, opens your eyes to new possibilities for customer engagement, or simply confirms what you thought (and gives you valuable ammunition for your budget planning), we hope you find it useful.

Download the full 2013 Buyersphere Report now


Ago Cluytens

October 10 2013 9:51 AM


After listening to your DemandGen webinar, I downloaded the report. Love the counterintuitive nature of some of your findings - in spite of being an advocate for both video and social media, it really brought home the point of the importance of “the familiar” when it comes to how B2B buyers decide.

Prompted me to write a follow up post on - any thoughts welcome.


's avatar

November 04 2013 3:37 PM

Ago - I read your follow up (and commented there). Pleased that we managed to simultaneously promote the importance of familiarity whilst being counterintuitive with our findings. Thanks for commenting!

October 21 2024 2:18 PM