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Did You Have A Nice Christmas? (And Why 2022 Is The Year That Brands Have To Humanise)

January 03 2022 9:49 AM

As we return to the grindstone in 2022, we should remember that there is a key business lesson to learn from the festive period. It's one that the smart brands know all about. But in amongst all the tinsel, telly and turkey, did you learn anything?

I'm thinking of the countless, pointless – but friendly – conversations that take place between friends and family members over the Christmas break.

Did you have a nice Christmas? Were you at home? Did you have turkey? Oh nice. What did Santa bring you?

Does anyone really care? Not really - but isn't that the whole point? We like to share trivia. We like to connect on a superficial level. There doesn't always have to be a meaningful exchange of 'content'.

But try putting that forward as part of a business communications strategy. How are we helping customers solve their problems? Where's the single-minded proposition? Where's the ROI?

Maybe it's all a little simpler than we think. Most B2B brands are aware of a nagging need to 'humanise' so that they appear to be more approachable than (and therefore preferable to) competing brands with similar products. And perhaps part of that humanisation involves trivialisation. Connection for the sake of it in a way that people appreciate.

This doesn't mean that every B2B brand has to get touch-feely. We've all got our personal space and we don't want it invaded by people (or brands) that we don't particularly know.

But why not give without needing to receive? For the sheer joy of giving. It's what people do because it makes them feel good.

So why not drop the data capture for a while? Why not design your communications so that they entertain? Raise a smile. Be nice.

It's not all about ROI – and if brands really want to engage on a human level they should perhaps remember the spirit of Christmas throughout the year.

It's just a thought. Now run that past Mr Scrooge in the Finance Dept and see how you get on.

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