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User testing the world

March 03 2022 6:42 PM

Remote User Testing

We like in-person user testing with our lab equipment as nothing beats face-to-face interaction, but when you need to test a website concept with an audience dispersed around the globe it’s not logistically possible unless you are willing to pay for us to do a spot of globetrotting (always open to offers…).

With budgets limited and a B2B testing audience perceived as hard-to-reach, it’s tempting to bypass the testing phase, which we think is a big mistake.

Well now there's no excuse to skip testing. We’ve got a nice new remote usability set up that works very smoothly and means we can now run usability and research sessions globally. 

Just this morning I’ve run two conceptual tests with one participant in Bangladesh, and one in Perth. The fidelity of these tests is superb. There’s hardly any perceivable audio or visual delay. And they are very quick to set up, run, and edit results into video for the client and design team. 

And just like face-to-face testing, we're getting great insights from real users - now not limited to those we can physically meet. 

Drop us a line if you'd like to find out more about our testing programmes.

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