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Vodafone campaign wins Gold in Best Of International Awards in Milan

May 23 2022 10:04 AM

Creative Lewisham - Best of International Awards

This week in Milan, Creative Lewisham carried off one of the prestigious Gold ‘Best Of International’ awards for a great example of how an emotional approach was successful in raising awareness amongst CIOs for Vodafone’s combined fixed and mobile capabilities.

The awards ceremony was held in the Martini Tower in beautiful Milan, overlooking the Duomo – a great venue for celebrating and showcasing some of the best B2B work undertaken in the last twelve months at the Best of International Awards.

With the majority of B2B IT buying believed to be only a rational decision, marketing has been primarily focused to appeal to reason, neglecting the fact that the decision making process is actually a wider combination of emotion, instinct and of course reason. This has meant many marketers have overlooked the opportunity to create a stronger differentiation for their clients.  Creative Lewisham created “Inseparable” the campaign that brought emotion to an audience that is often thought to be untouched by this type of promotion.

Read the Inseparable case study

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