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Is it too easy to be creative?

February 19 2023 5:12 PM

Zandra Rhodes recently wrote an article questioning the effect of the digital revolution on creativity.  She makes the point that through using digital processes we are losing an element of skill, suggesting that it is almost too easy to be creative using technology.

Does the plethora of digital technology make it too easy for us to be creative and ‘wow’?  The short answer to this is no. Digital software and platforms are simply tools.  Modern graphic designers are still creating art, the platform they are using has evolved but digital creative output cannot be considered as lesser quality because of the medium used.

As a team, when we are given briefs, we always aim to find creative solutions that go beyond the ‘usual’.  For example, when we worked with Virgin Media Business we needed to demonstrate their capabilities under the PSN framework in an interesting and engaging way, cutting through the jargon to communicate a complex message in a simpler way.

To answer the brief with a different approach, we created a parallax-scrolling interactive tool with HTML5.  Or in simpler terms, a scrolling story, punctuated with fun animations, which users scan through at their own pace.  Our talented designers used digital technology to bring the creative to life in an imaginative way; pushing the creative boundary to the next level that without digital knowledge would not have been possible.

Respectfully, I disagree with Zandra; digital technology gives creativity huge opportunities to flourish, and this creativity in the right hands, is not of lesser quality because of the medium.  For me, I believe it’s about the people behind the technology, with the vision and the skills to know exactly how to use it in a way that can create something unique and inspiring.

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February 20 2023 4:15 PM

Well said Cindy. The medium used merely helps to achieve the goal. The idea, the concept, is still firmly the brainchild of the creative, no tool or technology can ever replace that.

December 10 2024 7:59 PM