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What inspiration do we get from Pinterest as a B2B marketing agency?

June 30 2023 10:36 AM

At Creative Lewisham we use Pinterest as a tool for boosting creativity and pushing our ideas to the next level. It’s the modern day equivalent of trawling through libraries and art galleries searching for inspiration. Highly visual, well categorized and instantly accessible, Pinterest is a valuable, highly addictive piece of kit.

While simply scrolling through the site, anything can catch my eye from an illustration style, a colour combination or an idea for document layout. It helps to follow a good range of pinners who upload the kind of design you enjoy.

Often I actively search for something to help inspire a project – for example if I’m looking for an innovative way to demonstrate the idea of ‘Light and Shadow’ I can explore different paper stock uses in publications, Photoshop illustration effects, photography styles and even exhibition installation designs.

As a social media output it helps to display to our followers exactly what makes us tick – not just through marketing, but all aspects of design and creative output. Creative Lewisham has curated a wide assortment of boards, ranging from web design to infographics, product design to animation.

On a B2B marketing basis it also forms a strong portfolio for displaying our latest projects, and can attract attention to links for our less visual outputs, such as the Buyersphere report. It also allows us to keep track of trends and new releases in the marketing world.

Check out the Creative Lewisham Pinterest boards here.

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