Brand Engagement

Building relevance, credibility and attachment for your brand.

Today's B2B buyers suffer from choice overload. There's a plethora of similar products and services, and a huge number of media sources, all offering different information and commentary around the same subjects.

So who should buyers trust to give them up-to-date, reliable and unbiased information? For businesses, it’s not just about pushing top quality information and creating  ‘an image’ anymore – it’s about credibility.

And brands know they’re credible when buyers engage and interact with them.

We believe it’s now about B&B – interactivity between customers and businesses - rather than ‘2’ them.

That’s why we’re taking our expertise, knowledge and capability and offering businesses advice on how to become more credible - by engaging with your buyers, by being relevant to your audiences, and ultimately building a stronger brand.

What we do

We create opportunities for people to engage with your brand – and help strengthen its emotional and rational appeal for internal and external audiences.

In doing this, we will:

  • Get serious about communications’ effectiveness
  • Create engagement solutions - not simply campaigns
  • Design content for circulation not just distribution

What will you achieve?

  • We’ll make sure your brand is easily understood
  • We’ll enable your brand to shine across all media, on any device
  • We’ll help you link up your brand experience across different touch points
  • We’ll create compelling stories and tell them in a way that builds emotional attachment as well as rational relevance
  • We’ll make it harder for your competition to copy you
  • We’ll create opportunities for buyers to interact with your brand
  • We’ll help you define what success looks like, measure and optimise 

Our services include:

  • Brand awareness programmes
  • Brand engagement programmes
  • Customer engagement programmes
  • Employee brand building (to build a stronger, more cohesive internal culture)
  • Employee engagement programmes
  • Engagement tracking and reporting
  • Engaging content/asset creation
  • Engaging sales enablement and training materials/tools
  • Event planning and design